The Loar CA brand, originated in Milan, Italy, upholds the quality of the world's wood-based panel brand: Loar CA adheres to the entrepreneurial intention of "healthier and more environmental protection", is committed to R & D and innovation, and launches 100% pine healthy and environmental friendly ultra strong directional structure particleboard for consumers. Loar Ca (China) operation center has built a globally integrated supply chain of furniture materials for design, R & D, production, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service. It is committed to providing material services for designers, veneer factories and high-end customized brands with high-end customization of the whole house as the core. It provides "Loar CA" products for the world and is an excellent supplier of many first-line high-end customized brands. Combined with the grand blueprint of "promoting green development, circular development, low-carbon development" and "building a beautiful China" advocated by the state, Loar CA will continue to move forward as always and always around the corporate mission of "healthier and more environmental protection", create a quality life for consumers, create a beautiful home, continue to pursue excellence and give back to the society!

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Loar Ca (China) operation center

Loar CA brand, originating from Milan, Italy, inherits the quality of world wood-based panel brands,

Adhering to the entrepreneurial intention of "healthier and more environmental protection", Loar CA is committed to R & D and innovation, and has launched 100% pine healthy and environmental friendly super directional structural particleboard for consumers.

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Create a quality life for consumers, create a beautiful home, constantly pursue excellence and give back to the society!

Super Particleboard

Using fresh Russian logs as raw materials, we introduced the leading chipboard technology at home and abroad

The wood-based panel is manufactured through planing, drying, screening, sizing, hot pressing, sanding and other processes.

1. Thermal insulation and sound absorption. Particleboard has a very high-quality heat insulation function, and it is also good in sound absorption, with good sound absorption and sound insulation.

2. Beautiful appearance. In terms of aesthetics, particleboard is also very high-quality. Because particleboard is made by high-temperature pressing, the surface is very flat, and particleboard can be veneered, so the surface texture is relatively natural and the style is diverse.

3. Good processability. Particleboard has good processing performance, so it can be cut. It is very convenient to cut furniture without drying it.

Directional structure LSB

LSB board makes the surface of the board more flat by improving the surface paving process of OSB board,

It is more suitable for decorative treatment, especially for the doors of all kinds of cabinets and wardrobes. It is a very popular new generation of environmental protection household boards in the market at present.

1. It is green and environmental friendly. It uses isocyanate (MDI) as adhesive and does not contain aldehydes and benzene harmful substances to human body, ensuring excellent health and environmental protection performance. The quality is comparable to that of natural wood.

2. The size is stable and does not deform, and the decorative OSB is a five layer structure with two layers of fine materials; The middle plane is arranged longitudinally and the core plane is arranged laterally, which has strong impact resistance, so it has good seismic resistance, impact resistance and bending strength.

3. Excellent waterproof performance. Because the isocyanate (MDI) adhesive is insoluble in water, the veneerable OSB produced with isocyanate adhesive has good waterproof and moisture-proof performance.

Directional structure OSB

Loar CA solid wood sliced OSB board is mainly made of high-quality pine wood,

It is made of formaldehyde free MDI glue through drying, screening, directional paving, hot pressing and other processes.

1. formaldehyde free adhesive is green and environmental friendly. The free formaldehyde emission of finished products fully meets the requirements of European environmental protection standards and can be compared with natural wood.

2. the structure has high strength and is not easy to deform. The OSB board is an oriented structure without joints, cracks and cracks. It has good overall uniformity and high internal bonding strength.

3. thermal insulation, sound absorption, durability, moisture-proof and moth proof.