What is the difference between OSB board and LSB board?

2023-05-22 00:00

OSB board

The origin of "OSB" -- the scientific name of "Orson board" is orientedstrandboard, which is a kind of multi-layer structural board made of synthetic wood by drying, sizing, directional paving and hot pressing flakes with a certain geometry.

OSB board came out in 1970s.

LSB board

LSB board is a kind of directional structural board, which is made of wood core as raw material, long planing pieces processed by special equipment, degreasing, drying, sizing, directional paving, hot pressing and other processes.

LSB boards have only been used in recent years, mainly after 2017.

Both LSB board and OSB board use special equipment to make the surface planer vertically arranged.

Shape difference

The sizes of the planers used are different: the larger planer is the OSB board, and the smaller planer is the LSB board.

The surface of ordinary OSB board is pitted due to the large planer. LSB board is to improve OSB surface planer to use smaller planer, and the surface is paved with fine materials, so that the flatness of the finished board is better.

Structural differences

OSB board is paved with irregular large and small planing pieces, and has a three-layer structure. The inner core layer is in the form of shavings, and the upper and lower surface layers are in the form of fiber fines.

Differences between OSB board and LSB board:

1. The sizes of chips used are different: OSB board has large chips and LSB board has small chips.

2. The flatness of the surface layer is different: the surface layer of the general OSB board is uneven because of the large chips. The LSB board is to improve the OSB surface chips into smaller chips, so that the flatness of the finished board is good.

3. The launch time is different: OSB board was launched in the 1970s, and LSB board has just started to be applied in recent years, the key is 17 years later.

The LSB board and OSB board use professional equipment to make the surface chips in vertical order. OSB board is also called fixed construction plywood