Introduction to LSB board: What is LSB board and its advantages.

2023-05-20 00:00

LSB board is an improved version of OSB board, which improves the surface layer of OSB to use smaller flakes, thereby improving the flatness of the finished board and facilitating decoration. OSB board, also known as directional structure flakeboard, is made of small diameter wood, thinning wood, and wood core as raw materials, and is processed into long flakes (usually 40-100m long, 5-20mm wide, 0.3-0.7mm thick) using specialized equipment. After degreasing, drying, gluing A directional board made by processes such as directional paving and hot pressing forming.

Entering the era of full house customization, the unique size and diverse requirements of customized furniture have put forward higher requirements for furniture production. Compared to plywood, medium density fiberboard, and blockboard, LSB board has a low coefficient of linear expansion, stable performance, and is green and environmentally friendly. It can be sawn, sanded, planed, drilled, nailed, and filed like wood, making it a good material for building structures, interior decoration, and furniture manufacturing.

1. Characteristics of LSB board

(1) Health and environmental protection

The board adopts MDI formaldehyde free ecological adhesive to replace ordinary artificial board urea formaldehyde resin adhesive, eliminating the introduction of harmful substances such as formaldehyde from the source. The finished board meets the national green environmental protection standards and can meet people's needs for environmental protection and healthy life compared to natural wood.

Note: MDI is a general term for diphenylmethane diisocyanate, a mixture containing a certain proportion of pure MDI and polyphenyl polymethylene polyisocyanate, and modifiers of pure MDI and polymeric MDI. MD1 adhesive, also known as MD1 ecological adhesive, refers to a downstream product of MDI, used to manufacture various boards. Due to its free formaldehyde content, it is beneficial for people's home health.

(2) Stable performance

LSB board shavings are dried and degreased at high temperatures. The MDI ecological adhesive used is insoluble in water and delaminates when exposed to water. Under special assembly technology and high pressure, it has great strength and hardness, is not prone to deformation and cracking, and also has good waterproof and moisture-proof properties.

(3) Strong load-bearing capacity

Under the action of continuous high temperature and high pressure, the vertical and horizontal paving arrangement structure ensures that there are no joints, gaps, or cracks inside the board, and the overall uniformity is good. The internal bonding strength is extremely high, and the load-bearing capacity is strong.

(4) Strong nail grip

MDI ecological glue reacts with wood molecules to form a strong and irreversible new chemical bond, effectively bond the board body, and produce a solid and strong LSB high-energy home board, which has excellent nail holding force and deformation resistance.

(5) Easy to process without material consumption

The LSB board is processed by slicing and then formed by high-temperature hot pressing. The material is uniform, with few impurities, making it easy to process and more economical in cutting materials.

2. Purpose of LSB board

LSB board not only eliminates pollution sources from the root, but also has stronger practicality and is widely used in: overall wardrobe, cabinet, TV cabinet, shoe cabinet, bathroom cabinet, wine cabinet, office furniture, etc. It is a substitute for blockboard and plywood.

3. Differences between LSB board and OSB board

During the construction process, the surface of OSB boards may inevitably leave pits and holes, and the smoothness is not very good, which can affect their aesthetics. The LSB board has been improved, with the outermost layer being paved with smaller planks, making the surface of the processed finished board very smooth and flat, allowing for various surface decorations.

4. Differences between LSB board and solid wood particle board

Solid wood particle board is a kind of wood-based panel made of wood or other wood fiber materials. It is made of fine wood fiber on both sides, and long wood fiber in the middle. After applying adhesive, it is glued under the action of heat and pressure. It is a panel produced by the process of particle board. Solid wood particle board is also a term used by businesses for consumers who believe that particle boards are closer to solid wood.

(1) Different processes

The LSB board adopts a longitudinal arrangement of surface layer flakes and a transverse arrangement of core layer flakes, which is a vertically and horizontally staggered paving structure; The particle board of solid wood particle board has a relatively uniform size, small wood particles, and is uniformly paved.

(2) Physical performance

The oriented paving structure of LSB board reorganizes the wooden texture structure, completely eliminating the influence of internal stress in the wood, resulting in extremely high internal bonding strength and good load-bearing capacity; The internal structure of solid wood particle board is rough and has poor load-bearing capacity.

(3) Nail grip force

LSB board uses larger shavings as raw materials, which have strong nail holding force. However, solid wood particle board has a rough internal structure and poor nail holding force. If the fixing screws are loose, it is difficult to tighten them again.

(4) Moisture resistance

The raw materials used in LSB are pine wood with good natural moisture resistance, and have good moisture resistance. The finished LSB board has even more outstanding moisture resistance; The solid wood particle board, due to its rough interior and edges, is prone to moisture absorption, so the furniture edge sealing process made of particle board is particularly important.

(5) Processing performance

Solid wood particle board requires high processing equipment due to its rough internal structure, otherwise it may cause problems such as edge collapse and unevenness; The LSB board uses enlarged solid wood shavings, which are easier to process.

(6) Different adhesives

Solid wood particle board uses low-cost formaldehyde resin adhesive as the raw material. The LSB board uses MDI formaldehyde free ecological adhesive instead of urea formaldehyde resin adhesive in ordinary artificial boards.

(7) Environmental protection

Nowadays, after people no longer need to worry about food and clothing, they begin to have requirements for comfortable living. However, with the development of the times and technology, pollution is becoming more and more serious, so people start to pay attention to green, healthy, and environmental protection.

Many people know that formic acid in artificial boards mainly comes from adhesive. LSB boards use MD adhesive that does not contain formaldehyde, which prevents the release of formaldehyde from the source of the board. Its environmental protection level reaches E0 level. The solid wood particle board uses urea formaldehyde resin produced from formaldehyde as the adhesive, which continuously releases free formaldehyde during use, with a release period of up to 10-15 years.

In terms of environmental protection, most of the solid wood particle boards on the market are E1 grade, belonging to the lowest environmental protection level, and few can reach E0 grade. LSB can reach the highest NAF level without aldehyde addition, and the lowest is also the E1 level. LSB board is a new type of high-energy home board, which is an ideal furniture board.