What are the main uses of LSB veneerable directional structural particleboard?

2023-05-18 00:00

LSB is mainly used in the following two aspects:

First, the application of building decoration: replacing blockboard, three plywood, five plywood, formwork, fireproof board, decorative board, partition board, the lining between solid wood floor and keel, or making the base material of composite wood floor

Second, interior furniture: it can completely replace MDF and Pb to make high-grade interior furniture, especially suitable for the overall cabinet and overall wardrobe industry. Weiye brand five pole LSB uses high-quality wood cores as raw materials, and uses MDI aldehyde free ecological glue, which is a real 0 aldehyde addition; Special five layer pavement structure, industrial 4.0 production, 200 degrees high temperature, 1200 tons high pressure, effectively remove formaldehyde contained in wood, is the first choice in the customized household furniture industry.

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