How to distinguish the true LSB in the case of plain board and finished veneer?

2023-05-16 00:00

The scientific name of LSB is "veneerable directional structural particleboard", which is famous for its high strength, not easy to deform, small expansion coefficient, good nail holding performance, green environmental protection, good impact and bending strength.

LSB is an upgraded product of OSB. It is a board product derived from OSB that can be decorated on OSB with stable products. So LSB not only inherits the characteristics of OSB which is not easy to deform, but also adds the characteristics of ultra flat board surface, which is easier to finish.

What kind of LSB is a really good plate?

Large cores visible

LSB makes a circle with a large planer.

By adding large planing pieces, the directional pavement is stronger and tougher, making the plate suitable for all kinds of environments, and improving the problem of furniture deformation caused by cabinet door deformation in the family living environment.