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Ultra strong particleboard:

The wood-based panel is made of fresh Russian logs as raw materials, imported domestic and foreign leading particleboard technology for processing and manufacturing, and processed through planing, drying, screening, sizing, hot pressing, sanding and other processes.

Product advantages

◆ it can realize the manufacture of plates with any special specification and size, meet the special requirements of different users, and maximize the utilization rate of furniture manufacturers' plates (the utilization rate can reach more than 98%)

◆ reliable quality assurance system and the best after-sales service

◆ imported air flow paver from Dieffenbach, with low energy consumption, low noise, high paving accuracy, higher plate hardness and more uniform density

◆ Dieffenbach continuous press system, imported steel strips and hydraulic valves, more standard and unified plates, intelligent man-machine interface operation, effective control of product quality

◆ the original imported Italian pal meter and core are air selected to ensure that the plate does not contain any impurities and save more tools

◆ imal ultra high pressure sizing system imported from Italy with more uniform and stable performance

◆ made of all native wood, without using any recycled raw materials, to ensure that the physical and chemical properties of the product are more stable, the mechanical processing performance is good, the water absorption expansion rate is low, the deformation is not formed, the formaldehyde emission is low, and the environment is more friendly