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Directional structure LSB

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Directional structure LSB:

The formaldehyde free MDI glue is used, and the glue does not contain any formaldehyde components, so the formaldehyde release is eliminated from the root. The environmental performance of the board is comparable to that of the log;

LSB board is a kind of directional structural board made of wood core as raw material, long planing pieces processed by special equipment, degreasing, drying, sizing, directional paving, hot pressing and other processes. It has a five layer structure, and three layers of planing pieces of the inner core are crisscrossed and directionally paved.

By improving the surface paving process of OSB board, LSB board makes the surface of the board more flat and more suitable for decorative treatment, especially for the doors of all kinds of cabinets and closets. It is a very popular new generation of environmental protection household board in the market at present.

High product accuracy: plate thickness deviation ≤± 0.15mm, low warpage, no s deformation;

Stable water absorption and expansion: the water absorption and expansion rate of 2H thickness meets the requirements of the national standard, ≤ 8.0%, and the water boiling test does not scatter the plate;

High static bending strength: high static bending strength, ≥ 14MPa, higher than the national standard requirements, and strong deformation resistance;

No odor: no odor after the finished plate is processed, and the odor degree is ≤ 3, which meets the standard requirements of first-line household brands for no odor;

Easy processing, no material consumption: the board surface is smooth and smooth, without dry flowers, wet flowers, bubbling, bottom penetration and other phenomena; The shape of shavings is standard and consistent, there are few honeycomb sections, and there is almost no core layer or sawdust falling during sawing; The surface layer is evenly thin-walled, cutting without edge collapse and without knife.