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Directional structure OSB

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Directional structure OSB:

Loar CA solid wood sliced OSB board is mainly made of high-quality pine wood, using formaldehyde free addition of MDI glue, through drying, screening, directional paving, hot pressing and other processes. The plate is paved in a criss crossing direction. The core layer is arranged horizontally and the surface layer is arranged longitudinally. It has the characteristics of strong nail holding force, low water swelling rate, easy processing and no deformation. It is used in decoration, furniture, construction, packaging and other industries. It is a new type of high-strength environmental protection bearing plate.

Very low formaldehyde emission limit

The formaldehyde emission limit of Loar CA formaldehyde free series plates is controlled at 0.03mg/m ³, It is lower than the formaldehyde content of common foods and can meet the requirements of formaldehyde free environmental protection grade.

High physical performance

High product accuracy: plate thickness deviation ≤± 0.15mm, low warpage, no s deformation;

Stable water absorption and expansion: the water absorption and expansion rate of 2H thickness meets the requirements of the national standard, ≤ 8.0%, and the water boiling test does not scatter the plate;

High static bending strength: high static bending strength, ≥ 14MPa, higher than the national standard requirements, and strong deformation resistance;

No odor: no odor after the finished plate is processed, and the odor degree is ≤ 3, which meets the standard requirements of first-line household brands for no odor;